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Board of Zoning Appeals
The Board of Zoning Appeals shall consist of seven (7) members, who shall be appointed by the Governing Body for three (3) year terms commencing on the first day of May, pursuant to K.S.A 12-759.  The Zoning Administrator shall serve as the Secretary of the Board of Zoning Appeals.  The Board of Zoning Appeals shall be organized in the manner and have the powers and duties provided by K.S.A. 12-741 et seq, and the Abilene Zoning Code, as adopted herein.

Board of Zoning Appeals Duties
The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) consists of 7 appointed members, each surving a 3-year term.  BZA meetings are held on a call basis since the number of cases for review is very low.  The BZA is charged with the following responsibilities:
    • Hear and decide on applications for a variance from the provisions of the zoning and subdivision ordinance;
    • Hear and decide on applications for an appeal of an administrative interpretation of the zoning ordinance; and
    • Conduct other business specifically assigned to the Board of Zoning Appeals by ordinance, City Commission order or State statute.

    Membership and Terms
    Name Term

    VACANT 2019

    Robin Black 2021
    Rod Boyd 2020
    Tom Canfield 2021
    Angie Casteel (Vice-Chair) 2020
    Travis Sawyer (Chair) 2019
    Michelle Stephens 2020

    Meeting and Contact Information
    The Board of Zoning Appeals only meets when needed.  The location and time will be announced at that time.

    For more information or questions regarding the Board of Zoning Appeals please feel free to contact:

    Community Development Office

    Trolley Along
    With Abilene
    City of Abilene
P.O. Box 519
Abilene, Kansas 67410
Phone: 785-263-2550
Fax: 785-263-2532
    1st Combined Arms Battalion
63rd Armor Regiment