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New Water Rates for 2011
Water Rate Increase Briefing
For more than 6 months the City Commission has been studying the issue of water rates and where they should be set.  The reason for the study is that water revenue is lagging behind estimates and as a result reserves are being used at a faster rate than anticipated. Without an adjustment in the rates, the Water Fund will be in serious financial difficulty, within a couple of years.  Below is a link to the slides used in briefing the City Commission about increasing water rates begining with the January 2011 bill.  The slides show a brief history of the Water Fund, the present financial situation of the Water Fund, where the Water Fund is attempting to go financially, how the proposed rate compares to other communities around the area, and finally the rates proposed.  Action on the rate adjustment will take place at the regularly scheduled meeting of the City Commission on October 25th.  If you have any questions about the slides please call (785) 263-2550.  Watch the local Eagle cable channel for the briefing given, which will make the slides more understandable.

                         Water Brief Study

As a brief summary the proposed rates are to maintain the same base rate of $13.75, eliminate the 2,250 gallons that had been given with the base rate, and charge for all water used at a rate of $3.25 per 1,000 gallon up to 225,000 where the per 1,000 gallon rate is reduced to $2.75.  Outside the city limits those rates double as they do now.  If you would like a comparison of your water bill at the present rate versus the new proposed rate please call (785) 263-2550.  He will calculate the comparison for you.

Water Bill Comparison
There is a lot of discussion about the proposed water rate increase and about how high the bills are going to go up.  One misconception it that the entire bill is going up by 30%.  That isn't the case.  Click on the link below to see a what a 2,000 and 7,000 gallon customer will see on their bill.  The only line increasing is the Water Line which will increase the total bill by that much.  The other lines remain the same.  If you have questions call  (785) 263-2550.

Water Bill Comparison

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