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Water Information w/CCR
Public Water Supply
The City of Abilene manages two underground water sources (Sand Springs Aquifer and the River Alluvium) that are used to provide potable water to approximately 3,200 water customers including Dickinson County Rural Water District No. 2. On any given day, the Water Treatment Plant produces between 1.0 and 3.0 million gallons per day (MGD) to meet the community's demands for water.

Although the Water Treatment Plant can produce up to 4.5 MGD, it is constrained by the amount of water that can physically be pumped from the ground for treatment. Equally important is the number of water rights the City manages. While the City has water rights for about 700 million gallons of water, it is only able to use 300 million gallons of its water rights because of complexities in state water law.

During the hot and dry summer months, the City has been treating 3.0 MGD to meet demand. This has required the wells to be heavily utilized in order to produce enough supply to meet demand. Additionally, well depths are at their lowest recorded levels since 1974. For these reasons, City officials have declared a Water Warning and have asked water customers to employ voluntary water conservation.

Well Exploration and Development
The City of Abilene spends about $200,000 every two years on exploration for potential water sources and has done so since about 1996. Water exploration efforts have yielded no productive results, meaning the City has found no new sites that would justify the development of a new wellhead. 

Locating a well site that produces enough water to justify public investment has been a difficult endeavor. The City is currently exploring new methodologies that will hopefully be more productive in locating probable well sites. These methodologies include potentially partnering with the KU Geological Survey team to study the area surrounding Abilene. By learning more about the area's geology, the City may be more likely to locate a site that may be developed into a future wellhead.

Once a potential well site has been located, the City establishes a test well to determine approximately how much water can be produced by a well. The test well helps City officials understand the potential water that may be pumped from a location. Once this is done, the City must develop the well and connect it to the public water supply. This involves installing water mains and establishing a metering point so that the water may be tracked.

Finally, a control station is built to allow the water to be integrated into the system and controlled. Developing a well varies in cost and depends on the distance of a location from an existing well location, as well as how the City will meter the new supply.

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