City Clerk

Functions of the City Clerk

As record-keeping officer, the city clerk is responsible for preparing, executing, and archiving all City Commission records as prescribed by state law and the City of Abilene Records Retention Schedule and Policy (PDF). These duties include:

  • Maintaining and controlling all municipal, fiscal, and legal records and serving as the official custodian of all municipal documents
  • Recording official transactions and proceedings of the governing body meetings
  • Administering cereal malt beverage, retail liquor, and drinking establishment licenses
  • Administering licenses for refuse haulers, transient merchants, taxi cabs, and retail of fireworks
  • Maintaining City Commission meeting along with election materials
  • Developing agreements and leases
  • Administering dog licensing
  • Publicizing legal notices
  • Recording official documents
  • Certifying special assessments
  • Receiving and opening official bids
  • Open Records Requests (PDF) – The City Clerk responds to the public requesting records through the Kansas Open Records Act. The Act determines which records are open to the public. Copies of the records will be provided to the public under the terms of the Kansas Open Records Act upon written request. The City will charge for its time and costs in providing the information.
  • Here is information for citizens regarding the KOMA and KORA regulations: View the guide (PDF)