Abilene Fire Department

The Abilene Fire Department is responsible for ensuring fire and life safety and to reduce the risk of fire loss to the lives and property of the citizens of Abilene and Dickinson County.

The Department responds to fires in the City of Abilene and Grant Township through an Automatic Aid agreement, although the Department will go wherever it is called to for help. 

The Department responds traffic accidents throughout all of Dickinson County, KS, 852 square miles, automatically or through mutual aid.  Included in the 852 square miles is 24 miles of I-70, 36 miles of K-15, 36 miles of K-4, 23 miles of old U.S. 40 and various other County and local roads.

The Department responds to medical aids in the City of Abilene to assist Dickinson County EMS.  The department will respond outside of the City of Abilene when requested by EMS or another Fire Agency.  

Burn Permits

If you plan to burn, notify the fire dispatcher at 785-263-1121. Open burning shall not take place when wind velocity exceeds 15 mph. For more details, view burn permit requirements.

Fireworks Ordinance

The City Commission approved Ordinance No. 18-3365 (PDF) which allows retail sale and discharge of fireworks within the City of Abilene.