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Tree Board
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Abilene has been a Tree City USA community for 22 years due to the efforts of the Abilene Tree Board.  The Tree Board consists of 5 members who are appointed to 3-year terms.  The Board is charged with:

  • educating the public on the value and maintenance of trees,
  • promote plantings on public lands and rights-of-way,
  • assist the City Forester with administration of the tree maintenance ordinance,
  • hold Arbor Day programs, and
  • assist in the administration of the Tree Cost Share Program.

Programs and Activities
Cost Share Program - The City will pay 50% of the cost of a tree planting up to $75 per tree, provided the tree is planted in the parkway or that area located between a property line and street curb. 

Tree Board and Cost Share Program Brochure
Planting Application
Cost Share Program Guidelines

Arbor Day Program - Annually the Tree Board conducts a planting at local elementary schools to teach children about the benefits of trees, tree planting and tree care.  in 2010, the Tree Board provided evergreen sapplings to over 120 4th Graders through the 4th Grade Forester Program.  The sapplings were to be taken home and planted.  The Tree Board plans on conducting the 4th Grade Forester program on an annual basis. 

Arbor Day Proclamation - In recognition of the Tree Board's efforts and the value trees add to a community, the Mayor reads and signs an annual Arbor Day Proclamation.  The event is televised and appears in printed media to inform the citizens of the value of trees and Arbor Day related celebrations.

Tree Maintenance Ordinance - The City tree maintenance ordinance is part of the City Code and is enforced by the City Forester (Building Official) through the Community Development Department.

City Code, Chapter 6, Article 7 - Trees
City Forestry Standards and Specifications

Membership and Terms
Name Term

Steven Flynn (Vice-Chair) 2020
Drew Snitker 2020
John Barbur (Chair) 2021
Tim Strunk 2022

Meeting and Contact Information
The Tree Board meets on the 4th Tuesday of every other month at 5:30 pm at the Abilene Public Library-Jordan Room 209 NW 4th St.

For more information or questions regarding the Tree Board, please feel free to contact:

Jennie Hiatt
(785) 263-3510

Connect with Us
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