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Emergency Management
Are You Ready?
Disaster can strike at any time and any place. That's why it is important for you to prepare your family for disasters before they happen. By taking time to prepare a plan of action for emergencies, you will be in a better position to respond to life-threatening situations. The City of Abilene wants to help you plan for emergencies by providing you resources you can use to develop your plan. This section of the City's website will provide you with planning tips and information to allow you to respond safely to emergency situations.

Prepare Now

To create a personal/family emergency plan now – before disaster strikes – please click here. The PreparedMetroKC site may be used to help you create your own personalized Family Disaster Plan even if you do not live in the Kansas City metropolitan area. You can also use the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) "Are You Ready?" manual, which is an in-depth guide to help citizens prepare for emergencies. Develop an Emergency Supply Kit to ensure that your family has the necessary supplies and equipment to minimize disruptions caused by disasters.  

Knowing your neighbors can give you a critical advantage during an emergency. Good community relationships can help keep your family and neighborhood safe and simplify your family communication plan. Make arrangements with your neighbors to check on each other's homes and pets when traveling. It is also important to develop a plan for senior citizens and people with disabilities as their needs may require special attention. Businesses should also prepare for disasters and emergencies to provide for the safety of their employees and continuity of their operations.

Find out what specialized knowledge, skills, and equipment members of your community possess. Knowing what is available to you in the event of a disaster can make your response more effective.

Volunteer opportunities are available to assist in community emergency preparedness and response as well. These function to assist first responders and other agencies during disasters and large-scale emergencies.

Severe Weather

Living in Kansas, severe weather often rolls in with little or no warning. It is important for citizens to know how to react to severe weather to prevent injury or even death. Kansas has a wide variety of weather events that can damage communities and disrupt everyday life. Citizens should learn how to respond to these events to mitigate injury or death, damage to property, and to minimize disruption of daily life. 

Other Resources

  • Family Emergency Preparedness Plan

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