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 CPTED Security Analysys

The Abilene Police Department is proud to offer another service to benefit the members of our community. Citizens can now request a CPTED security analysis for their property. You might be asking what exactly is a CPTED security analysis. CPTED (pronounced SEP Ted) is a concept that through proper design and effective use of the built environment, a reduction in crime, the fear of crime, and an improvement in the quality of life can be realized. The main idea behind CPTED is to eliminate or reduce the opportunity for criminal behavior while encouraging people to look out for each other.
When properly implemented, CPTED concepts help to reduce the likelihood of a crime occurring and make the community an overall safer place to work and live. If you would like the department to conduct a CPTED Security review of your home or business, please send your inquiry via email to
or make your request in person at our office located at 419 North Broadway. Please feel free to email any questions you may have to my attention at the email address above or contact me by phone at 263-1213, Kris Kobiskie, Community Projects Officer.

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