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Local Incentives
The City of Abilene offers the following local incentives to encourage and promote economic development:

  • Ad Valorem Property Tax Abatements. Kansas law allows a municipality to abate ad valorem property taxes related to new construction, expansion of buildings, or the purchase of land and installation of equipment for eligible businesses for up to ten-years. 

  • Neighborhood Revitalization Program. The City of Abilene, in partnership with Dickinson County and Unified School District 435, grants rebates on ad valorem property taxes on eligible properties for a period of ten-years. The program is designed to encourage private investment in Downtown Abilene and the N. Buckeye Avenue/NE 14th Street Corridor.

  • Business Referral Page.  The City of Abilene will pay a referral fee of up to $2,000 to residents who refer a business prospect to the City and that commits to locating a business presence in Abilene...

  • Industrial Revenue BondsEligible development projects may petition the City to issue Industrial Revenue Bonds to finance eligible development projects using the City of Abilene's credit. This allows projects to execute projects at a lower interest rate than what can typically be obtained in the private capital markets. The developer pays the bonds directly, while the City leases the improvements to the developer until such time as the bonds are retired.  This incentive provides a lower-than-private financing mechanism, a sales tax exemption for improvements, and includes a ten-year ad valorem property tax abatement.

  • Hotel Incentive Program. The City will reimburse a portion of the transient guest tax generated by a new hotel or the expansion of an existing hotel.

  • Business Investment Grant Program. The City will provide grants of up to $15,000 to businesses and entrepreneurs on a case-by-case basis. Applicants must demonstrate an 80% private match.

  • Other Local Assistance Programs: The City of Abilene will also provide the following services to assist prospective and existing businesses:
    • Railroad Assistance. The City of Abilene will provide assistance to businesses that require a business partnership with either the Union Pacific Railroad or BNSF Railway Company. 
    • Transportation Assistance. The City of Abilene will provide assistance to businesses that require specific transportation needs through available economic development programs from the Kansas Department of Transportation.
      • Legislative Advocacy. Sometimes a business venture requires new or amended legislation to allow for a higher probability of success. Some business ventures may seek federal or state grant or loan funding. The City of Abilene may elect to advocate for legislation or provide letters of support or other communication with federal and state officials.  
      • Gap Financing Assistance. One of the challenges of any new business is finding sufficient funding to get the business plan from the page to the supply line. The City of Abilene can assist businesses find gap funding when normal funding cannot fully meet the needs of the prospective business. The City has access to a variety of funding sources that may be appropriate to help a business bridge the gap between entrepreneurial funds, bank loans, and other sources of funding.
      • Federal and State Liaison Services. The size and scope of federal and state government can sometimes make it difficult to determine what is required of a business operation. There are countless regulations that also apply to many business ventures. The City may not know all there is to know about the federal or state government, but it can assist with available resources that will provide the answers that are needed when opening or expanding a business.

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