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Sales Tax by Segment
Sales tax currently represents a significant source of income to fund municipal services. Information on sales tax by segment provides data by economic category (i.e., transportation, retail, wholesale trade, etc.) which can be measured to compare fluctuations in the market and local market conditions. This fluctuation can be affected by the number of establishments or the health of a particular category.

For example, in the accommodations and food services category, the number of restaurants has a direct impact on the sales volume. Conversely, if the market is doing well, the revenues will also increase based on the volume of sales. Comparing sales tax information by sector, economic segments at risk or economic segments that are expanding are more easily identified.

Retail $144,221  66.7% 
Accommodations, Food Services $30,852  14.3% 
Other $11,494  5.3% 
Wholesale Trade $10,163  4.7% 
Information Services $9,558  4.4% 
Manufacturing  $5,232  2.4% 
Construction $4,776  2.2% 
 TOTAL  $216,295 100.0% 

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