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Building Standards Board
The Building Standards Board shall consist of five (5) members, who shall be appointed by the Governing Body for three (3) year terms commencing on the first day of May, and shall include the following: (Ord 3192 4/12)

a) Fire Chief
b) City Health Officer
c) One (1) electrician licensed by the City of Abilene
d) One (1) plumber licensed by the City of Abilene
e) One (1) mechanical contractor licensed by the City of Abilene

Board Duties
The Building Inspector shall serve as Secretary of the Building Standards Board.  The Building Standards Board shall have the duties and powers provided by the ordinances of the city, particularly with respect to the building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, housing, and fire codes, as adopted herein.  It shall not be a requirement to reside within the city limits of Abilene, Kansas to serve on said board, however, the majority of said board should reside within the city limits of Abilene, Kansas.  (Ord. #2292 11/00)

Current Members and terms
Name Term 
Barry Griffis (Plumbing) 2019
Greg Hottman (HVAC) 2019
John Hultgren (DKCO Health Dept) 2019
Max Linder (Electric) 2019
Bob Sims (Fire Chief) 2019
Travis Steerman (Inspector)

Meeting and Contact Information
The Building Standards Board only meets when needed.  The location of those meetings will be announced at that time.

For any more information or questions please feel free to contact:

Travis Steerman, City Inspector
(785) 263-2355

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