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Recreation Commission
The Abilene Recreation Commission was established in September 1972.  Funding for Recreation is levied through USD 435.  The purpose of the Recreation Commission is to provide funding for recreational programming and perform any other acts necessary to carry out recreational activities in Abilene.

The Abilene Parks and Recreation department has established a mission to preserve and manage public parks and recreation facilities and to create recreational, cultural, education, and leisure activities to benefit and enhance the quality of life in this community. 

Membership and Terms
The Recreation Commission shall consist of five members to be appointed two from the school district, two from the City of Abilene, and one appointed as a member at large from the four appointees.  The term of office is four years.  Members are appointed before their terms begin in August.  Current members are:

Name                                                                       Term
Kyle Becker (Secretary and School Board Appointee) 2020
Chris Cease (Chairman and Member at Large) 2020
Angie Evans (School Board Appointee) 2023
Justin Panzer (Vice-Chairman and City Appointee) 2023
Shawn Herrman (City Commission Appointee)       2022

Meeting and Contact Information
The Recreation Commission meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30 pm in the Abilene Community Center, 1020 NW 8th Abilene, Kansas.

For more information or questions regarding the Recreation Commission please feel free to contact:

Jane Foltz, Director
Abilene Parks and Recreation Department

Connect with Us
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Phone: 785-263-2550
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