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City Hall
Project Name
City Hall Facilities Assessment

Project Description
The City is undertaking a review of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Municipal Building to determine a plan for the future of the public facilities located in the current facility. The building presently houses the Administration, Community Development, Police, and Fire Departments. The oldest part of the structure is about 85 years old. Many aspects of the building are no longer adequate to meet the public service needs of the departments that use the building. The gymnasium/auditorium is deteriorating and would require extensive rehabilitation to return it to a respectable condition.

In 2002, the City conducted a review of the feasibility of rehabilitating a portion of the existing building as well as acquiring other facilities and repurpose them for public services. At that time, the City decided not to pursue any of the options for various reasons. The City of Abilene is once again reviewing facilities in order to develop a plan for future facility needs. An ad hoc committee has been created to review the existing facilities and prepare a recommendation for the City Commission's consideration.

The committee will review the following options: 1) rehabilitation of the existing structure; 2) acquisition and repurposing of an existing building; 3) construction of a new building(s); and 4) some combination of the aforementioned options.

The City has been approached by a representative of a private business with an offer to sell a building for public use. This offer has served as a catalyst for this process in order to determine the most appropriate option for the long-term facility needs of the City.

Project Budget and Funding
Not Yet Determined

Construction Year

Current Phase
Planning Phase

Project Engineer
Not Yet Determined.

General Contractor
Not Yet Determined.

Tentative Schedule

Project Updates
The City has put together a committee of citizens to come and assess the situation. They will start meeting in Early March.

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