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First/Buckeye Intersection
Project Name
First/Buckeye Intersection Project

Project Description
The Project scope seeks to improve the turning radii from Buckeye Avenue to First Street and improve the existing traffic signalization.

This proposed Geometric Improvements Project would:

1. Widen the curb return radii to accommodate the truck turning movements.

2. Connect to the First Street improvements project on the east leg of the intersection by matching the new 41' (b-b) road width of that project.

3. Replace intersection pavement and storm drainage to match the widened curbs. Existing storm inlets have been damaged due to truck turning impacts.

4. Add dedicated left turn lanes on both east and west approaches of First Street.

5. Replace the existing traffic signals with new signals that meet MUTCD recommendations (existing signal heads on First Street approaches are not over the lanes.) The new signals will also be optimized to handle the dedicated turn lanes on First Street and pedestrian movements.

6. Replace sidewalk and handicapped accessible ramps on the south side of the intersection. 

Project Budget and Funding
The estimated cost of the project is $768,120.  KDOT's portion of the project cost is $691,300.  The rest of the cost will come from the City Special Street Fund at $76,900.  The City Special Street Fund receives approximately $175,000 per year in Gasoline Tax received by the State.  These funds are used for projects of this nature plus other street related maintenance requirements. 

Construction Year

Current Phase

Project Engineer
Schwab Eaton, P.A.

General Contractor
Not yet determined.  Project will be let out in Spring of 2014.

Tentative Schedule (subject to change)
1. Planning-Complete
2. Preliminary Engineering-Complete
3. Right of Way Acquisition-Complete
4. Utility Relocation-Complete
5. Construction-In progress

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