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Hangar and Ground Leases

City-owned T-Hangar Leases

Due to a recent storm in the spring of 2020, the City lost all available T-Hangars. The City is currently working on a plan to rebuild new hangars for future use. The City owned T-Hangars will be available for lease by the public when complete. Per Resolution No. 041111-2, tenants may only store airworthy aircraft and necessary ground handling equipment in City-owned T-Hangars. The City conducts an annual inspection in September to determine if tenants are compliant with all applicable policies and regulations. Random inspections may also be conducted per the direction of the City Manager.

The current lease rate for a T-Hangar is $90 per month.  Currently, there is a waiting list for T-Hangar space. Interested parties are asked to contact the City of Abilene at (785) 263-2550 to reserve a spot on the T-Hangar waiting list. Individuals on the waiting list are contacted in order when a T-Hangar becomes available.

T-Hangar Lease Agreement

Ground Leases

The City of Abilene allows the lease of land at the Airport for the development of private hangar space.

Ground Lease Agreement

T-Hanger Lease Enforcement 

Per Resolution No. 041111-2, the City Manager conducts an annual inspection on all City-owned T-Hangars at the Abilene Municipal Airport. The inspection is to ensure that all tenants are complying with applicable policies and the lease agreement terms. The annual inspection is done in September, but the City may also conduct random inspections at any time during the year.

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