Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

Did you know that simple adjustments to physical elements of your home or business can help to prevent crime? Things such as improving lighting, adding locks or trimming bushes can make your home or business more secure. The Abilene Police Department would be happy to assist you by stopping by your home or business to provide recommendations. If you are interested in receiving this service, please contact the APD at 785-263-1213.

You can Help Prevent Crime

* Be observant for suspicious people and activity around your neighborhood and utility storage construction areas. Call police when anyone or anything looks out of place, especially when there isn't usually activity at such places, like evening, nights, weekends or holidays.

* Attempt to note the following information ONLY if you are able to do so safely, without approaching suspicious people/activity:

1. People:

* How many?
* Male/Female?
* Appearance? (approximate height/weight, hair, clothing, race)

2. Vehicles:
* Description: car, truck, van, SUV? Make and model? 2 door/4 door? Color? Any other descriptive features?
* License place number (try to note state as well) * Direction of travel if they leave before police arrive.
* Call police. Do not attempt to approach suspicious persons yourself.

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