Sister City Omitama


The Sister City relationship developed from Japanese interns coming to the Harold Scanlan dairy farm. In 1984 an agreement to form a Sister City relationship between Abilene and Minori, Japan was signed. Since that time adult and student delegations have made annual visits to the others towns.

The Sister City Committee identified student exchanges/youth friendships, daily life experience and cultural experience as the main emphasis of the program.

Contact Information:

Marcus Rothchild, City Representative
(785) 263-2550
Email Marcus Rothchild

Sister City Committee: Term Expires

  • Corina Ryland 2024
  • Kevin Unruh 2024
  • Jerry Rankin 2024
  • Audrey Corbett 2023
  • Mary Zey 2023
  • Andrea Taylor 2023
  • Bill Marshall 2025
  • Jeffrey Haaga 2025
  • Cindy Whittington 2025


  • Chair
  • Co-Chair
  • Corina Ryland Secretary
  • Kevin Unruh Treasurer

 Sister City Hosting Information:

*Forms can be emailed to Marcus to be shared with the Sister City Board.

 Delegate Information: