Convention and Visitors Bureau


The Convention and Visitor Bureau (CVB) was established by Charter Ordinance 15 in 2003 along with the establishment of the transient guest tax. While the Governing Body may seek their advice and recommendation, ultimately it is the decision of the Governing Body on how transient guest tax dollars are spent within a limited scope as defined in the ordinance and by state law.


The Convention and Visitors Bureau shall consist of seven (7) members, who shall be appointed by the Governing Body for three (3) year terms commencing on the first Monday of January.

Membership shall be comprised of:

  • Owners, operators, or employees of persons engaged in the hotel/motel business
  • Representatives from agencies or organizations engaged in promoting tourism, or from historic or cultural attraction in the city
  • Members of the general public
  • Members of other city boards
  • President or delegate of the President of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce

Current Members and Term

Name Term

  • Allison Blake (2021)
  • Mukul Ghosh Hajra (2023)
  • Samantha Kenner (2022)
  • Kimmy Phillips (2023)
  • Deb Sanders (2021)
  • Elizabeth Weese (2023)
  • Sarah Wilson (2023)

Meeting and Contact Information

The CVB Board meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 2:00 p.m. at the CVB Conference Room located at 201 NW 2nd Street.

Find Agenda and Minutes.

For more information or questions please feel free to contact (785)263-2231.