Special Purpose Vehicles

Ordinance No. 3146, passed by the City Commission on October 26, 2009, authorizes the operation of work-site utility vehicles and micro utility trucks, on the streets within the corporate limits of the city of Abilene, KS.  Before operating any special purpose vehicle (SPV) on any public highway, street, road or alley within the city limits, the vehicle shall be registered with the police department and display a valid registration decal affixed and displayed as to be clearly visible from the rear of the vehicle.

SPV Application

Requirements include:

  • Registration fee of $50 payable upon submission of the application.
  • Proof of registration or bill of sale (for tax-exempt vehicles) must be provided upon submission of the application as proof of ownership.
  • Proof of insurance must be provided upon submission of the application, and must be maintained for driving on the roadways in the City of Abilene.
  • Any operator must have a valid license unrestricted by age.
  • Registration is not transferrable.
  • Registration only allows the SPV to be driven within the city of limits of Abilene.
  • Vehicle must pass an inspection.

Work-Site Utility Vehicle:

  • Must be at least 48" (4') wide
  • Must weigh over 800 lbs
  • Must have 4 or more non-highway tires
  • Steering wheel
  • Bench or bucket seats, allowing two people to sit side-by-side
  • May be equipped with a bed or cargo box for hauling materials

Micro Utility Truck:

  • Must be at least 48" (4') wide
  • Must be 160" (13'4") or shorter, including bumper
  • Must weigh over 1,500 lbs
  • Must be able to exceed 40 mph, as originally manufactured
  • Must have been manufactured with a metal cab

Completed applications must be turned into the Abilene Police Department, located in City Hall at 419 N Broadway.

**In the event of a lost/stolen tag, verification of prior SPV registration decal will need completed and $20 lost tag fee will be accessed.