Organizational Structure

The Abilene Police Department (APD) follows a chain-of-command organizational structure featuring two divisions: Operations and Patrol, which includes Investigations.

Chief of Police - Anna Hatter, is the APD's chief executive law enforcement offer and has overall command of the APD and all of the department's personnel.

Assistant Chief of Police - Jason Wilkins, is the APD's second in command who oversees all elements of patrol and investigative divisions; who also serves as the APD's evidence custodian.

For evidence-related inquiries, such as return of evidence, please contact our evidence custodian to schedule an appointment.

Patrol Sergeant - Mark Haaga, is the front line supervisor for all patrol officers, K-9 unit and the school resource officer; who reports to the Assistant Chief of Police.

The Patrol Division is responsible for providing a 24/7/365 police presence in the City of Abilene.  Officers are deployed on 12-hour shifts and are focused on proactive, innovative problem resolution strategies, in addition to timely response to crime-related events and requests for assistance (911 calls and non-emergency calls to 785-263-1212).  Please direct any patrol-related inquiries to the Patrol Sergeant.

Investigations Sergeant - Skylar Reynolds, oversees the investigations division.  

The Investigations Division is responsible for the efficient and effective deployment/application of resources in support of the APD's core functions.  

Detective - Kevin Landers, is responsible for investigations; who reports to the Investigations Sergeant.

School Resource Officer - Kris Kobiskie, is the police officer assigned to work in the elementary, middle and high schools to ensure our schools are safe places for students to learn.

Officer Manager - Kelsey Briand, who is also the Municipal Court Administrator, as part of the operations, is responsible for records management and information security; who reports to the Chief of Police.

Community Service Officer - Mike Ragsdale, as part of the operations, is primarily responsible for city code compliance, including enforcement of all ordinances and statutes pertaining to animal control.

Police Clerk - Angie Carranza, as part of the operations, is responsible for the maintenance and dissemination of police records.

To contact any of the individuals mentioned, please call the police administration at 785-263-1213.  For non-emergency requests to contact an officer on duty, please call dispatch at 785-263-1212.